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Exporting Quality Wood Logs Worldwide. 30 years of timber industry expertise, headquartered in Canada with core operations flourishing in Brazil’s lush forests.


Delivering quality wood exports worldwide since 1974.

Who We Are?

Exporting Quality Wood Logs Worldwide.

Amay Exiim Inc, helmed by CEO and Managing Director Mr. Kulin Shah, boasts 30 years of timber industry expertise. Headquartered in Canada for streamlined global coordination, the company’s core operations thrive in Brazil’s rich forests.


With a robust international presence spanning Asia, India, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, Amay Exiim Inc excels in meeting diverse market demands. Committed to quality and eco-conscious practices, it offers responsibly sourced Eucalyptus Grandis logs, prized for durability and versatility, harvested under stringent oversight in Brazilian forests.

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Products Range

Guatemala Teak Wood

Teak Wood​​

Elevate spaces worldwide with our premium Guatemala Teak Wood exports, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship and sustainable sourcing.

Elliotis Pinewood

Experience the versatility and quality of our Elliotis Pinewood exports, perfect for crafting timeless structures and furnishings worldwide.

Eucalyptus Grandis

Discover the unparalleled durability and natural beauty of our Eucalyptus Grandis exports, ideal for a wide range of construction and crafting projects globally.

Wood Chips

Elevate industries worldwide with our high-quality wood chips exports, sourced sustainably and perfect for diverse applications.

Core Veneer

Unlock the potential of your projects with our premium core veneer exports, meticulously crafted to enhance aesthetics and performance globally.

Eucalyptus and Acacia wood chip origin from Indonesia

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Customer Satisfaction

70% of our new customers come from referrals which speaks volumes about our service.

3+ Decades of Expertise

Amay Exiim is one of the leading Timber exporters in the country and imports timber from more than 10+ origins.

An Eye for Detail

We took utmost care to offer high quality reliable products at a value that exceeds customer expectation.

Amay Exiim Inc.

Global Timber Solutions Provider...

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